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For two generations now winemakers, producing wine following the entire process from the earth to the bottle is the activity we feel is ours and to which we dedicate body and soul. The winery, nestled on the top of a gentle hill of Regione Salere, a Unesco Heritage land in Agliano Terme, was founded in 1968 by Renato Paltro, led today together with his son Paolo in order to offer products always aimed at excellence, combining tradition , novelty and vanguard of modern wine-making techniques. We know our wines in depth, we tell peolple their soul, right because, from the spring buds of our vineyards, carefully followed throughout the year, we make careful selections during the harvesting phase to ensure, in the bottle, a product that can amaze anyone who tastes it.


The cultivated varieties are those typical of the area, rooted for years in these lands. Agliano Terme is traditionally known as a "Barbera village", given the "white soil" that willingly supports plants. Everyone in Agliano cultivates "La Barbera", which is always referred to as a female, here in this area, and it is clearly our case, too, with the intention of distinguishing ourselves by offering products that combine complexity, intensity and the typical acidity with notes of red fruits and floral freshness, in a perfect balance, to get to Barbera d'Asti DOCG, a structured and fresh product, aged in steel barrels, and Barbera d 'Asti Superiore DOCG, more elegant and elaborate, with a ruby ​​red color, following the refinement in oak barrels, which gives the wine harmony, softness and intensity, while maintaining the typical characteristics. Our six hectares of vineyards, located between the towns of Agliano, Calosso and Moasca, on clayey soils mainly occupied by Barbera, also contain other varieties, from the Dolcetto d'Asti DOCG, distinctly pleasant given its moderate acidity, to Grignolino d ' Asti DOCG, fresh and delicate red wine, perhaps less noble than the previous ones but to be counted among the Piedmontese native vines.



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This is just a very quick "excursus" of everything we have to say about ourselves, what we do and what we live for. Our winery, as “they say in these parts”, is always open, you will find simple people who will be glad to spend a day or more sharing stories and telling you about a PASSION, tasting wines and local culinary products, visiting the vineyards, showing you the production techniques and offering you, why not, also the possibility to spend the night at the new B&B adjacent to the wine cellar, strongly desired by Paolo, so that customers or simple visitors could be in contact for a few days with the reality of his wine farm and live it deeply. Tasting wine is the best way to get to know it, a couple of glasses are so much better than thousands of words.

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